We are a passionate foodie gang of 3 people, one of us, a self-taught home-baker, a hard-core food critic and an ardent organic enthusiast, who loves experimenting with different home-made healthy foods for family & friends.

In one such meet-ups, the idea of starting an organic, healthy, food venture got initiated to come up with guilt-free and easy to bake/cook products.

One such recipe which became an instant hit among friends are TrueMunch Cake Mixes. These mix and bakes are result of finding a fine balance between a delicious, yummy dessert and adding healthy quotient to the food being loved by everyone. These mixes are tried out umpteen number of times to get the exact ratio of the ingredients added.

Made with responsibly sourced, less processed ingredients, our products doesn't use any artificial flavours, no added refined sugar, no added preservatives or colours. It's just a real indulge!

Our values

Quality over quantity
Products variety
Quality check
Positive ecology impact